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November 1, 2010
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A while ago, at design academy, we had a nice packaging project at typography class. The objective of the assignment was to create 2 packages for sugar and salt. We had to create the following:

  • A new logo for the company (Sugat, which manufactures sugar, salt, pulses, etc.)
  • A logotype for the line of products of choice (I created “Exotic”, which is supposed to bring you the scents and flavours of the far east.
  • The packages.

Since I was aiming for the far-east, I created a logo which features the Lotus flower. I made the logotype of “Exotic” with custom lettering which shows the hebrew word with a Hindi (Devanagary) twist (thanks to my girlfriend who studies Hindi). I used the same type of lettering for the words “sugar” and “salt” on the packages. For the packages’ backgrounds I created indian-style patterns.

To sum it up, it was a fun project and I believe a nice outcome.

Here’s a glimpse, more photos at the gallery.

Sugat packaging

Sugat packaging

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